218 of, 50 Capriana str. Chisinau, Republic of Moldova MD2005
218 of, 50 Capriana str. Chisinau, Republic of Moldova MD2005


    218 of, 50 Capriana str. Chisinau, Republic of Moldova MD2005
    +373 79357709

    New Export Rules In The Russian Federation

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    Dear manufacturers and exporters!

    We inform you about new changes published in the order of the Ministry of Economy of the Russian Federation regarding imported goods for the procedure for obtaining a Declaration of Conformity. Thus, each product is required to receive a declaration of conformity from the manufacturer. From 01/01/2021, goods exported to the Russian Federation must have a GTIN (Global Trade Item Number). This is a number that shows the location of the business and information about it. If the item does not have a GTIN, it will be returned to the country. In the Republic of Moldova, the GTIN can be obtained from the GS1 Moldova National Automatic Identification Association at:

    Bd. Grigore Vieru 9, of 212
    MD 2005, Chișinău, Moldova,
    +373 22 211 669

    You can read the order of the Minister of Economy of the Russian Federation here:


    From January 1, 2021, when registering a declaration of conformity, it will be necessary to indicate the GTIN number. information register”.
    In the order – paragraph 7.1 letter B.
    This is a barcode that consists of the GTI company number and product information. Manufacturers must buy it.
    GTIN is the code for your product in the international product database maintained by the GS1 organization.
    Decoding GTIN sounds like this: Global Trade Item Number – the global number of the commodity item – the bar code of the product.
    The GTIN provides unambiguous identification of a commodity item anywhere in the world. The GTIN code should replace the older EAN 13 and UPC codes.

    source: www.cntd.ru

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