218 of, 50 Capriana str. Chisinau, Republic of Moldova MD2005
218 of, 50 Capriana str. Chisinau, Republic of Moldova MD2005


    218 of, 50 Capriana str. Chisinau, Republic of Moldova MD2005
    +373 79357709

    We have over 30 varieties of apples

    About 350-400 tons of apples are exported annually from the Republic of Moldova

    We cultivate and export
    6 varieties of table grapes

    In the Republic of Moldova annually are grown 28 varieties of table grapes

    We cultivate and export
    two of the most common plum varieties:
    Stanley and President.

    Plums are the second most cultivated fruit in Moldova


    Welcome to Pro Inedit CompanyWe offer the largest variety of apples

    We are true to our promises

    Welcome to Pro Inedit’s website. Our company has a history of over 10 years on the export market and this is the reason why we understand our business so well. We ensure and offer high quality products.

    We understand the requirements of the customers and we put maximum effort into satisfying their needs.Our current customers include the largest retail companies.

    We have invested heavily in the quality of our products, in the services we offer, in our people and our brand. We have built partnerships that have lasted for more than a decade, we offered solutions and we have created lasting memories.  We thank everyone who trust us and our business

    Victor Cazacu, CEO Pro Inedit SRL

    BenefitsWhy choose us?

    The high quality products offered is unanimously appreciated at international exhibitions.

    We learn from the 12 years of experience to offer the best to our clients.

    Professionalism and product quality exported build the reputation of the company.


    About companyFor the past few years, we are among the top fruit exporters from Republic of Moldova.

    Since 2010, our company has been offering high quality fruits, vegetables and cereals to foreign partners. Our mission is to highlight the great taste and aroma of Moldovan products around the world. Every year, we export about 12 thousand tons of fruit to EU, CIS and other countries. The desire for development led us to the necessity of setting up representative offices in Russia and Kazakhstan. We are always open to establishing new successful collaborations.

    We export and import fruits, vegetables and cereals at the customer’s request;
    Should we not have a specific requested product or in case the supplier doesn't have the necessary experience in the field, we offer export -import services;
    At client's request, we can conduct market research and analysis of specific products, potential customers, delivery costs and other information for the client's request.
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    218 of, 50 Capriana str,Chisinau, Republic of Moldova MD2005
    +373 79357709